Our Vision

At Havyn, we create spaces where the soul can be restored. Our home fragrances are designed to empower your spirit, while supporting the societal reentry of survivors of human trafficking.

10% of every purchase is earmarked to support skills training, mentorship programs, and dedicated employment opportunities for survivors.

We believe business can be a vehicle for creating change, and we are committed to making our company a space of healing, restoration, and learning that will transform lives and positively impact our larger community.


Why Human Trafficking?

San Diego, where we are based, is among the top 10 worst cities in the US for human trafficking, the fastest growing form of organized crime. Our strategic location and the specific skills of our team members allow us to partner with local nonprofits serving survivors and play a needed role in their rehabilitation process.

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Creating Opportunity Through Our Craft

By pouring our love and labor into our craft, we serve our end consumer with fine, high-quality fragrance products that beautify spaces and elevate moods. Every purchase then helps create a sustainable funding source for creating jobs and mentorship programs that provide survivors a fresh start.

Our Product Standards


Uplifting Scents of the Utmost Quality

Our uniquely developed fragrances, each embodying a positive emotion, are 100% naturally derived and free of fragrance allergens, parabens, phthalates, and carcinogens. We use our own blend of 100% coconut and soy wax. Every candle is handpoured, hand-labeled, and hand-packed with exceptional love and care.

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Our Guiding Beliefs

Home is where the heart is restored.

We believe that every person is uniquely valuable and deserves to feel that way.

We believe that love requires labor.

We believe that details do matter.

We believe that being thoughtful in how we do things creates a beauty and significance that can be felt.

We believe that the process matters as much as the product.

With these beliefs in mind, we make products designed to
delight the senses and create spaces - both mental and physical -
where the soul can feel at home.